Everton board responsible for Lampard’s Premier League failures

Everton suffered a 2-0 loss to Leicester City in the Premier League on Sunday, and Michael Ball feels the club are underperforming under Frank Lampard.

By writing his column for the Liverpool Echo, the current situation just isn’t good enough as the Toffees need to start picking up points, and there’s no excuse at the moment.

Lampard likely needs more backing in the January transfer window but his credentials will be in question unless he picks up more wins.

“We got our apologies but there was a full team against Leicester City but we still couldn’t get a result,” he wrote.r the echo of liverpool.

“The first five games we played without a striker are on the board and not on Frank’s head, but those excuses are gone now and we have to start scoring points.

“Frank has his football philosophy but we just want to get points on the board, even if they are scruffy points. We don’t want to have to relive last season, but we won 11 games in 2021/22 so we have to still win eight games this season to match even that, because that’s what it will take to stay in this league”

Massive improvement needed

At first glance, this gives the impression that the team has improved considerably compared to last season.

The Toffees narrowly escaped relegation last season. Everton now have a solid squad, and they sometimes come up with brilliant football.

However, that’s only half the story. The Toffees have managed just one win in their last six Premier League games.

They are 16th in the league with just two points above the drop zone. Basically, it’s the same old feeling all over again.

The attitude must change. Frank Lampard has a poor record away from home, and the Toffees can’t seem to find a way to take three points at Goodison Park.

They rely heavily on their home form. The 2-0 loss to Leicester City was a revelation. Lampard had a full squad and yet they were beaten at home.

Everton face Bournemouth in their next Premier League game, and they should pick up a win to boost their confidence ahead of the World Cup break.

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