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RIDGWAY – In addition to electing three new mayors on Tuesday, voters in Elk County also selected new school board members and answered ballot questions at Ridgway.

According to the Elk County Election Office, 7,502 ballots were cast out of the 20,088 registered voters in the county on Tuesday, and the turnout was 37.35%.

Leah Whiteman, an election worker for about 20 years, said the St. Marys Ward 3 site on Washington Street saw about a third of its voters on election day.

The following are unofficial results from Elk County.

RidgewayMayor of the Borough of Ridgway: Running unopposed, Ray Imhof won 936 votes out of 963 votes cast.

Ridgway Borough Council: Incumbents Steve Caggeso (689) and Ronald Burkett (556), as well as newcomers Steve Lawrie (637) and Brent Kemmer (524), all four Republicans, were elected for the four open seats to the Ridgway Borough Council. Democratic candidates Joe Gasbarre (522), Stevie Gustafson (347) and Matthew Frank (351) also ran. The total number of votes cast was 3,634, and there were eight entries.

Ridgway Area School Principal: Megan Handley (1,260), Aimee Kemick (1,133), Rick Viglione (1,237) and Jamie Cobaugh (1,148) won all four vacant seats on the area school board from Ridgway, with 4,843 votes cast and 65 entries.

For a two-year term, Padriac McGrath (1,162) defeated Peter Coffman (456), with 1,631 votes cast and 13 written.

Question from Ridgway School: “Do you support the elimination of the occupancy tax by increasing the Ridgway School District‘s earned income tax rate from 0.5% to a new maximum earned income tax rate of 0.73% and a new maximum total earned income tax rate, with municipalities, of 1.23%? “

Out of 1,674 voters, 1,014 said yes and 660 said no.

Question from the Borough of Ridgway: “Are you in favor of eliminating the occupancy tax for the Borough of Ridgway and replacing this income with a 0.17% increase in the income tax. earned income from the borough of Ridgway? The new rate will be 0.67% of earned income.

Out of 1,008 voters, 704 were in favor and 304 not.

St. Marys City Council: Incumbent Shane Schneider (1,556) and Republican candidates Nedward Jacob (1,858) and Jerome Sorg (2,182) were elected for the three open seats. Starter Margie Brown also ran (1074). The total number of ballots cast was 6,777 and there were 107 registrations.

For a two-year term, Republican Sally Geyer (1,668) defeated Democrat Shane Schneider (1,257).

Mayor of the Town of St. Marys: Lyle Garner (2,034) defeated Bob Roberts (892) in the St. Marys mayoral race, with 2,941 votes cast and 15 entries.

St. Marys Area School Director, Region 1: Incumbents Lewis Murray (1,029) and Cly Hornung (861) ran for both seats on the St. Marys Area School Board, with a total of 1 993 votes cast and 103 registrations.

St. Marys Area School Director, Region 3: Democratic / Republican candidate Chrissy Keebler ran unopposed with 1,325 votes. There were 38 registrations and 1,363 votes cast in total.

Johnsonburg Borough Mayor: With 450 votes cast, Kyle Paget (228) narrowly defeated John Fowler (214) by 14 votes.

Johnsonburg Area School Principal: Nicole Zimmerman (651), David Allegretto (621), Ryan Miller (529) and Tracy Crowe (494) have landed all four vacant seats on the Johnsonburg Area School Board. Courtney Dunworth (440) also ran. The total number of votes cast was 2,766 with 31 registrations.

Person from Johnsonburg Borough Council: with 777 votes cast and 146 written, Louis Imbrogno (347) defeated Alfred Maletto (284) by 63 votes.

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