Eagle Mountain Saginaw students win aerospace design competition


Boswell High School graduate Kaitlyn Tarr, left, and current Saginaw High senior Braiden Anders, right, with Hollenstein Career and Technology Center aerospace instructor Richard Griffith, recently led their team in the 2021 NASA International Space Establishment Design at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD

“Sky is the limit.”

It is a common expression in the world of education

But a current senior and a recent graduate of ISD Eagle Mountain Saginaw have reached beyond the sky making school district history.

Kaitlyn Tarr, an aerospace engineering student at Hollenstein Career and Technology Center (HCTC), graduated from Boswell High School in 2021, and Braiden Anders, senior senior at Saginaw, led their team to win the space facility design competition 2021 Internationals from NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Florida this summer.

Anders and Tarr are the first EMS ISD students to become international champions.

“I’m proud of Kaitlyn and Braiden’s hard work during the competition,” said Richard Griffith, aerospace instructor at Hollenstein Career and Technology Center.

“Kaitlynn used her knowledge of space engineering and skillfully managed others to work cooperatively to develop a winning product in 24 hours without rest. During the same period, Braiden’s leadership skills enabled his team to reduce manpower, increase security and manage life-sustaining operations on the city-sized space facility.

EMS ISD students have been selected to represent the United States in each of the district’s seven years of participation.

“This victory shows how our talented students are receiving the right encouragement and the right opportunities,” said Griffith.

In April, EMS ISD students participated in the American Championship held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Tarr and Anders were placed in the top 12, advancing to the international competition which ran from July 29 to August 30. 2. In the past, at this level, HCTC has produced 23 national winners selected to participate in the international competition.

The international competition included students from UK, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Pakistan, Romania, China, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and India. This year’s competition focused on designing the actual goal of the international space community to terraform Mars.

The high-pressure competition forced the students to form fictitious companies and design a unique complex for 18,000 residents. The experience requires students to integrate their knowledge and skills in aerospace engineering, physics, mathematics, chemistry, environmental science, robotics, biology, computer science, writing, speaking, and design.

“It means I can do it (work on a space station). It’s not just a dream, it’s something I can accomplish, ”said Tarr, who is currently attending Tarrant Community College to complete foundation courses and plans to transfer to Texas A&M to study aerospace engineering. . “It made it clear that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

She hopes to someday work on a space station for a Martian colony.

Anders, likewise, plans to complete the basics at TCC before moving on to UT Arlington or Texas A&M engineering school for a degree in aerospace engineering.

“This victory certainly means a lot to me, but what I thought most important were the people I was able to work with,” he said. “They are the ones I could possibly work with in the future and they share a budding passion like mine.

“… My dream career would definitely be aerospace engineering. It has been a dream of mine since I was young. And I’m delighted to see it unfold before my eyes.

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