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CUPERTINO, Calif., November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Curriki, a non-profit organization that has revolutionized the way digital learning content is openly distributed and shared, today announced the launch of its new Authoring Experience features.

Curriki launched its flagship product, CurrikiStudio, last year to meet the growing demand for virtual learning. CurrikiStudio is the world’s first free and open interactive learning content development technology designed to accelerate and extend the creation of digital learning experiences. New Creative Experience Tools Suite helps provide budding learning designers with a variety of new layouts and templates to accelerate the creation of interactive digital courses, including interactive video, responsive presentation dynamic and column format for flexible course design.

CurrikiStudio is a complete turnkey solution for creating, delivering and maintaining interactive learning content, all in one place. CEO of Curriki Abby ross sharing ideas: “With a community of over 6,000 authors creating courses on CurrikiStudio, we knew it was essential to provide them with easy-to-use tools that streamline the creation of courses that are intuitive and engaging for their audience. The layouts and templates are designed to be flexible so that any author in a wide range of organizations can use them to quickly launch an interactive course. “

This intuitive and smarter course design is one of the ways Curriki aims to empower educators, especially in an age of increased demand for distance learning solutions. “We believe anyone can be a learning designer. Our goal is to reduce barriers by providing free, easy-to-use technology tools to create courses that are interactive by design and engaging for learners,” said Ross. .

CurrikiStudio’s new co-authoring capabilities will help partner organizations like Freedom Learning Group, the leading provider of courseware, content and educational services powered by a global remote workforce of military spouses and veterans. Freedom Learning Group specializes in educational content development, instructional design, assessment writing, online learning, audio-video services, text editing and project management. The new co-authoring features will improve collaboration and allow their subject matter experts in 40 states and 10 countries to easily collaborate and deliver high-quality solutions to their clients.

“These new tools will help our teams create more engaging and impactful content. We can now ask school or department level teams to create programs with each other, share ideas and iterate together,” said Elizabeth o’brien, Freedom Learning Group, CEO. Curriki is committed to taking into account feedback from expert instructional designers like Freedom Learning Group to continue to iterate on these tools to ensure a streamlined user experience.

About Curriki

Curriki is a non-profit organization that has been revolutionizing the way digital learning content is distributed and shared openly – for over a decade. In july 2020, launched its flagship product CurrikiStudio. CurrikiStudio is the first free and open interactive learning content development technology designed to accelerate and adapt the creation of digital learning experiences. With turnkey authoring and publishing tools, Curriki enables educators and businesses to create and manage dynamic learning experiences, with no coding knowledge required. We aim to make every aspect of the process simpler, faster and more affordable.

Try CurrikiStudio:

Leverage CurrikiStudio to scale and deliver their organization’s curriculum experiences. The free content creation tool offers more than 50 mobile-focused activities, including interactive multimedia, images, games, virtual tours and simulations, as well as one-click posting to management systems. learning. To learn more about how to become a CurrikiStudio Showcase Partner, please submit a request.

About the Freedom Learning Group:

Freedom Learning Group, LLC has created thousands of remote and flexible contracting opportunities for spouses and U.S. Army veterans since 2017, as a provider of full-service educational content and courseware supporting publishers, colleges and universities and learning companies. They specialize in content development and review, ADA / Section 508 accessibility compliance, and high quality education and training solutions. Connect with FLG through their website at and on social media through Facebook and LinkedIn.

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For press inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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Sarah, Curriki, 917-324-0008, [email protected]

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