Cobb County parents say school logo resembles Nazi eagle symbol

The new logo was designed by the district for East Side Elementary near Marietta, according to an email shared with parents by the school principal.

MARIETTA, Ga. — Cobb County parents are demanding an apology over a new elementary school logo they say resembles a Nazi eagle symbol.

The school in question is East Side Elementary near Marietta.

A spokesperson for the Cobb County School District claimed on Tuesday that the logo was not designed with Nazi imagery in mind, but due to the backlash, the rollout of the new logo has now been halted.

On social media, the school displays a current logo using an eagle as its centerpiece. On Monday, a new eagle logo was sent to parents in an email from the East Side principal.

“We were told yesterday that here’s the new logo. We didn’t know there was a problem with the old one,” Stacey Efrat said.

Efrat’s family is Jewish, her two sons attended East Side Elementary and her daughter is currently attending school there. She said that even though the old logo worked well, there was definitely something wrong with the new logo.

“We don’t understand why this image was chosen, there are a lot of photos of eagles that don’t look like a Nazi eagle, and we don’t have a good answer,” she told 11Alive on Tuesday. .

Efrat shared with 11Alive an email from the East Side manager sent to parents around 11.30am on Monday. She said that’s where parents first saw the new logo, among information about other updates at the school.

The principal wrote in the email how the district has worked over the past few years to redesign all school logos in the district.

But after a quick reaction, the manager sent a second email around 10:20 p.m. Monday. The email included the principal’s writing: “The school is aware of the concerns regarding these logos, and so we have paused to review these comments.”

Another East Side Elementary parent, also a rabbi, said it should never have come to this.

“You can’t tell me that no graphic designer or educator or board member has seen this logo and thought, ‘Huh, that looks like the Nazi symbol,'” Amanda Flaks said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Cobb County School District sent 11Alive a statement that said the rollout of the new logo was halted and mentioned that the similarities to Nazi symbolism were unacceptable, but a spokesperson said the design of the new logo was actually based on the US military. colonel’s eagle wings.

Parents 11Alive spoke to, however, said the new logo should be scrapped and that they would like to see more than just a statement from the district.

“I’m disappointed, I’m disappointed and I’m hurt. I would like to see the school district apologize,” Flaks said.

“There needs to be education at all levels and there needs to be zero tolerance and we don’t see any of these things happening,” Efrat said, pointing out that this incident is the latest example, in his view, showing the district needs to be better educated about the Jewish faith.

In 2021, there have been incidents of anti-Semitic images being drawn at Pope and Lassiter High Schools during Yom Kippur, swastikas have been drawn in a bathroom at Simpson Middle School and now the East Side logo incident.

Efrat said each event is increasingly disturbing.

“The problem is that it’s a trend and it’s a recent trend in the last 12 months we’ve had three different anti-Semitic incidents,” she said. “We just can’t get past it.”

Last fall, the district passed a resolution on anti-Semitism and racism in response to concerns, but community leaders said they believe the district needs to take stronger action.

Here is the district’s full statement on the logo created for East Side Elementary:

“Yesterday we learned of concerns regarding a new logo at East Side Elementary. The rollout of this logo has been halted and we are immediately reviewing necessary changes. We understand and strongly agree that the similarities to Nazi symbolism are unacceptable. Although this design was based on the US Army Colonel’s Eagle Wings, stakeholder input has been and continues to be important to our schools.

We appreciate those who have taken the time to share their thoughts and will ensure that all input is considered as changes are considered.”

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