Class 7 boy fakes his own kidnapping to escape school exams – Edexlive

Image is for representation purposes only | (Photo: Express)

In a bizarre incident, a Class VII student faked his own kidnapping to evade his school’s exam. The 12-year-old boy ran to police personnel at a Chennai metro station and said he was kidnapped from a car and escaped when the vehicle stopped at a signal. The incident took place on Thursday, October 26. Kilpauk Police said on Friday the student had been released with a warning. The boy has been identified as Mithilesh Kumar Sharma, a private school student from Kilpauk and a resident of Kondithope, according to a report by the New Indian Express.

The boy told police he was kidnapped by an unidentified motorist outside his school on Wednesday October 25. He fled from his captor when the car stopped at a signal near Pachaiyappa’s College subway station. However, when police reviewed CCTV footage around the school, they did not find any car drivers abducting the pupil. Suspicious, the police questioned the boy and conducted an investigation, after which Mithilesh told the truth. According to him, his parents were not ready to listen to his plea and allow him to skip his school exam, so he staged the drama, according to TNIE.

In reality, the boy had arrived at Pachaiyappa’s College subway station by bus. From there, he boarded a train to the central metro station and called his father from there from a passerby’s mobile phone, police said. Then he ran to the police personnel at the central subway station and told his fake kidnapping story. A few police officers took him to Chennai Central Station, where he was handed over to his parents.


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