Business News | Writesonic launches AI-powered tool to help professionals write blogs and articles

New Delhi [India]Jul 19 (ANI/SRV): Writesonic, an AI-based content automation platform backed by Y Combinator, recently launched a smart writing assistant: AI Article Writer 3.0, which can create articles from blog and 1,500 word articles from scratch in seconds.

In an effort to articulate AI writing with a human touch, Writesonic aims to increase the volume of daily content generated from its platform.

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With a promising track record and multiple global recognitions, Writesonic has established itself as the #1 writing assistant for AI. The platform consistently (organically) ranks on the first page of Google for AI writing tools and related searches. Writesonic is well known for its constant development and quality services. This year, its user base has tripled in just 6 months (from 100K in January to 300K today).

Talking about future goals and developments, Samanyou Garg, Founder and CEO of Writesonic, said, “Our main goal is to help people become better writers. We are continuously working on it. We will continue to improvise new AI-based content creation tools. to facilitate smooth content creation and ideation processes.”


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The thriving startup was founded in 2020 by Samanyou Garg and since then has grown globally, both in terms of services and employment. Along with strong backing from Y Combinator and prominent Silicon Valley investors, Writesonic raised $2.6 million in its seed funding round. Compared to 1000-2000 when it started, Writesonic now produces over 15 million pieces of content each month. The company also saw an increase of around 960% in annual revenue.

Samanyou first created Writesonic for entrepreneurs (like him) who had minimal marketing or copywriting experience. The initial version of this platform was built on GPT-3 aiming to generate quality and SEO friendly landing pages to attract more leads.

As the tool grew in popularity as one of the best AI writers, Samanyou introduced the AI ​​article/blog editor, which is now the flagship feature of Writesonic. Once they found their niche, Writesonic developed an arsenal of AI-powered content generation tools, such as an e-commerce product description generator, Google Ad Writer, Paraphraser, a long form writing, etc.

These tools actively help to increase user productivity and thus skyrocket the platform’s user base by at least 250% per year. Recent additions to this creative arsenal that have become popular among new users include Tweet Builder, Instagram Caption Builder, and Quora Answer Writer. Writesonic uses one of the largest natural language models in the world, providing the best product presentation and a wide range of options for different types of users.

In addition to its 60+ writing assistants, Writesonic is now determined to automate the YouTube video creation process with an AI-powered tool.

According to the idea of ​​the founder, “Our YouTube automation tool will make at least half a million people aware of YouTube video creation and hopefully make the creation process easier, faster and denser.”

Moreover, he added that the most current YouTube videos sometimes compromise quality.

He says, “Our YouTube Automation tool will improve the content writing and production process. This will allow creators to focus their time on creating and delivering great content. Additionally, Writesonic’s development team is also working on a Chrome extension to reach more people through a freemium model.

All of this, and an excellent track record, ensures that Writesonic will continually strive to become a perfect fusion of automation, multi-services and a diverse user base. With a motivated team and an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, Writesonic will rise to the top of existing and newer solutions in all markets.

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