Bruce Campbell writes his own comic, is he on Team Marvel or DC?

Bruce Campbell may be done playing the role of Ash Williams in The Evil Dead, but aside from being a producer of the upcoming Evil Dead Rise, the iconic actor still has a lot to do in the future. Talking to Bloody Disgusting’s The Boo Crew Podcast, Campbell revealed that in addition to upcoming acting roles, the first of which is the horror comedy Black Friday coming out this Friday, he is working on a comic book series for one of the major comic book companies. .

“I’m writing a comic for a big comic book company right now,” said Bruce Campbell, discussing his writing process. “And these are six issues that you have to intrigue. And I can’t just sit there with a pen in my mouth… looking at a blank page… I want to understand it scene by scene and know where the story is to go.”


He continued, “Because I can actually step back from that painting and look at the whole story and say, ‘Hmm, that first part is a little off balance… ohh this middle is a little big over there. ‘ So you can do it before you even write a word. It might still suck, okay, but I like going in with a kind of discipline. I’ll start early in the morning and at noon, my brain leaking through my nose and it’s time to cut the grass or go for a swim or something physical. ”

While there isn’t much to do, knowing about Campbell’s main work makes this comic book series something intriguing and worth watching when it’s released. While it certainly isn’t what we would have thought was coming from Campbell, he has a huge fan base who will be very sensitive to it and will make it the kind of cult hit that followed his film and television career for the last four decades.

For those who want to relive some of these successes, now is also the right time with the release of The Evil Dead Groovy Collection, the new box set that brings together The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and the three seasons of Ash vs. Evil Dead in a gorgeous blood-soaked 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital for a retail price of $ 79.99.

The official collection blurb describes it as “Horror fans, return to this iconic cabin in the woods, then travel decades beyond, with this Evil Dead Groovy collection.” Wisecracking ladies man Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is reborn as Deadite killer in The Evil Dead (4K + Blu-ray â„¢) after country vacation is ruined by reading ancient summon text of demons. In Evil Dead II (4K + Blu-ray â„¢), a chainsaw-armed Ash is once again driven to the brink of insanity by unleashed evil, while Ash vs Evil Dead (Blu-ray â„¢) follows a Ash older and grayer through three wild seasons as he reflects on his bloody past in the face of a Deadite plague. {The Evil Dead} DVD of bonus content, with over three hours of feature films revisiting the cast, crew and the movie’s eternal legacy. ”

Those who want to see something new from the groovy, with the release of Black Friday this weekend, Campbell is also appearing in the Hallmark Christmas One December Night movie, which premiered on Saturday and sees the other side of the actor. in “a wonderful heartfelt Christmas tale about friendship, music, family and the things that ultimately bring us all together.”


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