Brooke Shields, Brandon Routh Board Out of Order Comedy – The Hollywood Reporter

The Return of Superman co-stars Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington join Brooke Shields in the Out of order comedy from director Guy Jacobson.

Routh will play John Slater, an unsuccessful lawyer on a mission to win back his model girlfriend, played by Tao Okamoto. Huntington will play a best friend and colleague while Shields’ character is a very powerful lawyer in the feature film.

In Out of order, Slater accepts an offer from an elite law firm to turn his life around just as he takes on one last case at his old firm. Soon he realizes that there is a double risk, as the two law firms are working on opposite sides of the same case. With no options, Slater in disguise attempts to bring down a huge pharmaceutical company, while defending it.

The set chosen for Out of ordercurrently filming in New York, features Krysta Rodriquez, Luis Guzmán, Sandra Bernhard and Asher Grodman.

The screenplay was written by Jacobson – who co-wrote and produced holly and co-directed the child exploitation documentary Red light — and Megan Freels Johnston. “We’re making a fun, fast-paced classic situational comedy in the vein of Mrs. Doubtfire and My cousin Viny. The world needs humor more than ever and since I was a lawyer on Wall Street, I have often wondered what would happen if a lawyer found himself in court representing both sides of the same case.” Jacobson said in a statement.

Routh starred as Superman/Clark Kent in The Return of Supermanand most recently appeared on The CW television series set in the DC Universe, including Legends of Tomorrow, Flash and Arrow. Huntington starred in NBC good girls and appeared alongside Routh in The return of Superman.

Out of order is produced by Isen Robbins, Aimee Schoof, B. Stephen Tedeschi Jr., Chris Bongirne, Routh, Jesse Manning and Katy Donnelly. Cemi Guzman and Luis Guzman are executive producers.

Routh is represented by UTA and Main Title Entertainment. Shields is replaced by UTA, while Huntington is represented by APA.

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