Be careful when you write these words in your Whatsapp conversations, you could be banned immediately

OWith WhatsApp, communication between people has changed a lot. Whether it’s because of innovation and digital advancements or because it’s so convenient and simple, using WhatsApp has changed the way we interact.

There are over 2 billion users of the app worldwide and its algorithm logs over 100 billion messages per day.

Security and anonymity

Although what happens on the internet seems to stay on the internet, nothing could be further from the truth. Much of the surveillance is done in the digital sphere looking for any breaches, crimes or inappropriate conversations that could trigger an alert in the highest levels of global security.

It has always been said that there are agencies in charge of monitoring the content of the network and that certain words trigger alerts from these agencies in case there is some kind of evil that is “cooking” in the digital spectrum.

It was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for the stratospheric figure of $21.8 billion.

Johnny Depp’s Tik TokPA

The company blocked accounts that sent mass messages to all of their contacts. In many cases, the app saw them as ad spam. In general, these were always temporary blockages.

Now the same thing is happening and it’s something that can be read in the “Terms of Service” that appears in the app settings, but it’s something that isn’t usually read.

Zuckerberg’s Platform explains that the messages must be “for lawful, authorized and acceptable purposes”, which implies that through the messages, they try to avoid conversations that incite hatred or discrimination.

Temporary blockages

The app also says it doesn’t control all conversations, although there are some words that WhatsApp doesn’t allow. Terms such as “pornography”, “paedophilia” or the like are monitored and may result in punishment, as well as terms involving threats, defamation, intimidation or those that incite hatred.

Many of the issues these users have are when their conversations are flagged, which is when the app takes action and can block a number temporarily. This does not mean that there are no permanent blocks, these exist and mean that the user will no longer be able to use the application with this phone number.

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