Attorney General calls on Punjab government for medical board to review Nawaz Sharif’s reports – The Friday Times

Pakistan Attorney General (AGP) Khalid Jawed Khan has written to the government of Punjab to set up a medical commission to examine health-related reports of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is currently in the UK. United because of his state of health. AGP’s letter to the government of Punjab mentions the former prime minister’s claim that he was in critical condition when he left prison in Pakistan to seek treatment in the UK. The federal cabinet appears to have instructed the AGP office to take legal action against the former prime minister for alleged violation of the commitment made to the Lahore High Court as he left the country for treatment.

According to the AGP, Nawaz Sharif’s state of health “at first glance improved considerably after his arrival in London and the fact that he was apparently never hospitalized and that his political, social and other activities were reduced. continued without interruption and regularly reported in the media may indicate that a serious illness, if any, which may have existed in the past is no longer evident or no longer limits its activities. “

In view of this, the AGP letter claims that the former prime minister should honor his commitments to the High Court in Lahore and return to Pakistan. He also adds:

“However, any firm opinion or opinion on his health, physical condition and fitness to travel could only be formed on the basis of the advice of an independent medical expert.”

The letter goes on to note that the federal cabinet has deliberated on the issue of the country’s former prime minister’s absence and then asked the AGP office to begin its work.

“The medical commission may examine the documents submitted by the petitioner to the court and assess taking into account all known and reported facts and public activities of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to form an opinion, if any, on this matter.”

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