Artist alleges Shein stole his sticker design from Viral TikTok

A graphic designer and TikToker claims Shein stole his sticker design from a viral TikTok.

Shein, a Chinese fast fashion online retailer, has previously been accused of stealing from small designers and selling their designs without permission. TikTokerDanny Brito (@shopdannybrito) seems to be the last independent artist to experience it.

The TikToker shared their allegations in a video captioned, “shein sucks, don’t buy from their site.”

@shopdannybrito shein sucks, don’t buy from their site 🥲 #sheinsucks ♬ original sound – shopdannybrito

The allegedly stolen design is Brito’s mirror sticker, which says “[screaming internally]in reference to the meme. Although he doesn’t claim ownership of the phrase, Brito told the Daily Dot he came up with the idea for the mirror decal in 2018. Brito claims Shein has been selling his design on their site since January 2021.

“You might be thinking ‘Danny, it’s just a few letters. How can they copy that?'” Brito said in the video. “But, I had the idea to turn this meme into a decal of mirror four years ago, and I have been selling it regularly in my shop for four years.”

Brito has the sticker listed for $8 on his Etsy shop, dannybrito, which achieved 37,668 total sales with a five-star rating. The Daily Dot was unable to locate Brito’s design on Shein’s website, but a web search for the product provides a link now broken to the page where the sticker was apparently sold. A screenshot Brito shared in his video shows the design selling for $1 with 2,297 reviews.

Brito told the Daily Dot that a follower informed him of Shein’s enrollment on Feb. 9. He said it “seems to have been deleted Friday morning,” but he says he hasn’t received any notification about it from Shein.

In his video, the TikToker said he was “truly unfortunate” that Shein stole not only his design, but also the precious income he would have earned from it.

“So I’m making this video in the hope that Shein sees it and you know, deletes this listing. And I hope I get some kind of compensation for this fucking problem,” Brito said in the TikTok.

His plan doesn’t seem to have worked yet, however. In another TikTok posted two days ago, Brito shared that he received “no contact, no apology, no compensation.”

@shopdannybrito Still nothing from @SHEIN, no contact, no apologies, no compensation. #sheinsucks ♬ original sound – lolel lakoundji

Viewers expressed their support and condolences for Brito in the comments for the first video.

“It’s not just letters,” reassured a Brito viewer.

“They didn’t just steal the letters, they stole your whole design! Color and all,” another viewer commented.

Another TikToker wrote, “God they do this ALL the time. I’m so sorry. It blows.

Several viewers said they would buy a sticker from Brito’s shop to support him and help make up for lost revenue. Some tagged Shein in their comments, calling out the company for allegedly stealing the design.

“@SHEIN, what do you have to say for yourself? SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS!!” said a viewer.

Another user wrote:@shein_official is that person saying the joke you just said but louder so everyone thinks they thought of it.

As of this writing, Brito says he’s only received one response via “bot” on Instagram. He hopes the company will admit wrongdoing and offer compensation.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shein via PR email.

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*First published: February 12, 2022, 1:06 p.m. CST

Cecile Lenzen

Cecilia Lenzen is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Arlington and a freelance reporter for the Daily Dot.

Cecile Lenzen

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