Another school shooting, another chance to ask why

It is essential that schools strictly adhere to the code of conduct

Having worked in schools for over 50 years, as a teacher, deputy principal, program director and national editorial consultant, my heart aches for the schools of Oxford, Michigan, and their students, parents, teachers and administrators. I have worked in schools as far south as San Juan, Texas, and as far north as Messina, NY. I still find the level of decorum in a school to be the key to success.

Most school districts have a code of conduct where the rules are set out and the consequences are explained. In schools where the code is followed and where excuses and exceptions are not made often, children’s behavior and performance is better than in schools where exceptions and excuses are made regularly.

It appears that a number of rules in the Oxford High School Code of Conduct were violated, and the consequences could have ranged from suspension to expulsion.

Not just Oxford, but all schools should think about how they manage their codes of conduct.

Jerry morris


Michigan school made key gaps

High School in Oxford, Mich. Did a lot right, but they missed two important steps when assessing the situation with Ethan Crumbley. They did not search his backpack and send the student home that day.

I worked in a school district in the city of Massachusetts where staff allegedly took these measurements. It is interesting that so many school shootings take place in the suburbs. Why is that?

Judy Maider


“Why are the rights of ‘born’ children not protected? “

What a horribly ironic week. In the very week that the “rights of the unborn child” and the “sanctity of life” were argued before the Supreme Court, four teenagers were shot dead, seven others injured, and the children of this town terrified and terrorized. scared to go to school.

Where are the people who want to protect unborn children when children are killed by guns every day? Why are the rights of “born” children not protected? Why is their life not so sacred? Why is it okay that they can’t live full lives, in order to protect the Second Amendment rights of others?

Why are elected officials and state voters who vote against any reasonable gun protection law silent? They allow the murder of children. It’s all over their heads.

Michigan is the same state where men with long guns have roamed the State Capitol and, by their presence, threatened lawmakers and employees.

What kind of holiness and rights are represented here? How did we get there ?

Susan rothstein


The blood is in the hands of the NRA and its GOP facilitators

Again and again and so on.

Charges of manslaughter are also expected to be brought against the National Rifle Association and its Republican puppets in Congress. Weapons that can quickly kill many people in a short period of time continue to be used to kill our children as they attend what was once a safe place: school. Common sense gun control legislation is repeatedly rejected.

This latest massacre of children will soon be forgotten, until a month when we will once again have to offer “thoughts and prayers” on a new group of victims.

We must do better than that as a nation and as a people. Enough is enough.

Richard DeSorgher


It can’t be what the founders imagined

From a Transportation Security Administration recording to a gun in a purse that accidentally exploded at a cash register (it missed), to elementary school students carrying them in their book bags, to a clearly troubled teenager in a Michigan high school, guns are everywhere. And let’s not forget young Kyle Rittenhouse, who unattended across state lines to protect property from strangers, and the three men in a van who set out to hunt down a young black jogger and the murder.

Would the Founders really just see that we are defending ourselves even as we are destroying ourselves?

Stephane Krom


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