Amid Omicron concerns, parents write Pradhan demanding hybrid exams

More than 8,000 parents have written to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan urging him to ask the CBSE to offer the option of hybrid exams. Parents are concerned about the new variant of Covid-19 and want online and offline exams for ongoing counseling.

“It is relevant to note that the COVID Omicron strain has sent a wave of panic across the country, especially for parents and young students. The Indian government, WHO and various other relevant authorities have issued opinions understanding the gravity of the situation, “the joint letter said.

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Highlighting concerns over the over Omicron variant of the coronavirus, parents said performing offline exams under these conditions could lead to medical disaster, the letter said. He added that taking comprehensive exams offline can be risky for thousands of students across the country.

“Students are not yet vaccinated and about 3 to 4% of them test positive for the virus despite being vaccinated. It is estimated that the Covid-19 virus will spread even more due to the holiday season and that the exams scheduled just afterwards become a super-spreading event if only carried out in offline mode ”, a- he declared.

The letter also stated that since all of the teaching mode was online, it would be fair for their exam to be online as well. “Under your current policy, students were only supposed to come when parents gave their consent, with their health or life in mind. It is beyond reason and tends to become arbitrary when this policy is not extended to exams also when the very purpose of a fair exam is to facilitate the fair assessment of the student concerned. “

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“The right to life or to health must be the priority when assessing CBSE students. The lack of choice and unwarranted benefits also puts many students under pressure. It is common knowledge that some states are still in the red zone and therefore an offline review across India would only lead to a violation of existing Covid protocols, ”the letter said.

Previously, a group of students approached the Supreme Court asking for the option of online and offline exams or a hybrid exam mode. After hearing both sides, the bench said: “This 11th hour workout is not correct”. Noting that the notification requesting offline reviews was issued in October and that the hearing is taking place in November, the judiciary said: “At this late stage, the brief request cannot be considered. We hope that all precautions will be taken. This brief request is eliminated. “

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