A Prairie High School teacher seeks to rebuild a student newspaper

Watson and other students give a similar reason for enrolling in the course: first joking that they needed English credit, then adding that they thought it would be an opportunity to improve. their writing and comprehension skills. Beyond that, however, some students added that in the age of social media, it has become increasingly difficult to recognize what is true and what is not.

“Social media makes things instantaneous. In some cases, people are asking for forgiveness instead of doing it right,” said Jacob Ciubal. “I think you should always try to do it right. False information can affect someone’s credibility.

Ciubal and a small group of classmates said the lessons on ethics help remind them that the process of prioritizing integrity can help counter an often lazy approach to sharing information that they often see. on line.

“Media consumers need to raise their standards,” added Julian Lopez.

Objectives, challenges in production

After producing just one print edition last year, Alway hopes to publish as many as three or four this year with his new team. While many students said they were eager to cover student sports teams and clubs that might often get overlooked, she encouraged them to think outside the box a bit.

“I want this to happen organically,” Alway said, referring to his students’ coverage goals this year. “I don’t want it to just be things in school, but things that happen in teenage life. Years ago, when we had a string of student suicides, that was something the Flyer covered. It was something serious, from the point of view of the students.

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