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Design is everywhere and in everything. It’s in the handle of your teacup, the stairs you take to get to the office, the interface of your favorite gaming website, and the lettering used on toy packaging. Design is as much about looks as it is about function. Listen to these podcasts to broaden your perspective on design and architecture.

99% invisible

With a library of over 470 episodes, “99% Invisible” offers the most diverse set of design and architecture topics. Award-winning American producer Roman Mars uncovers the good, bad and ugly of the design world in this decade-long weekly series. Discover the worst video games ever made and why they were so bad. Or how technology is changing the art of interior design. There’s even an episode on the history of fortune cookies.

Scratch the surface

Jarret Fuller started this award-winning podcast in 2016 while studying design criticism and practice at the Maryland Institute of Arts in Baltimore. He interviewed experts on the subject every fortnight.

Since then, the podcast has gone from strength to strength and expanded its reach to include topics such as architecture, design writing, and strategic design. Jarret, a designer based in Brooklyn, New York, has so far produced 206 episodes and interviewed over 150 professionals.

The second workshop

Honest, humorous and uninteresting. That’s how hosts David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet like to describe their weekly show, “The Second Studio.”

The New York design duo felt that media coverage of design and architecture was oversimplified and stereotypical, which inspired them to start the podcast. Today it features a variety of segments – Guest Interviews, Design Reviews, Design Companion (guides for architecture clients and design enthusiasts), After Hours (casual conversations), and Fellow Designers (reviews of buildings and other projects). Among these, After Hours offers ruthless, explicit and humorous content.

The show has 271 episodes and regularly makes it to the list of top design podcasts. It was formerly known as ‘The Midnight Charlette’.


“I’m still learning skills that are essential to survive as an architect these days,” founder Manish Paul Simon writes on the official website. Because that’s what it’s all about. Here, Paul, who is a BArch graduate from School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada, interviews designers and architects across India and the world such as James Law, renowned architect and creator of Cybertecture philosophy, Jose Oliviera, popular automation strategist, and Gautam Tewari, co-founder of Trezi, India’s first VR platform for the construction industry. The podcast was launched in 2018.


Very few podcasts delve into the ups and downs of the design and architecture profession and Archispeak is one of them. The podcast started ten years ago when American architects Evan Troxel and Cormac Phalen decided to talk about their profession twice a month. In recent episodes, they have discussed career advice for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) and the burnout they are experiencing.

The podcast also features general topics such as work-life balance and job hunting to appeal to a wider audience.

(These podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other major podcast platforms.)

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