2 students identified by writing racist slurs in high school hallway

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said security camera footage shows students writing the N-word in a hallway at Rosemont High School.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said it determined two Rosemont High School students were responsible for the racist vandalism recently found written on a wall.

According to the sheriff’s office, on March 22 at approximately 5:14 p.m., school officials at Rosemont High School in the Sacramento City Unified School District reported that they found the “N-word” written in pencil on the wall of a hallway. building.

The sheriff’s office says security footage obtained by school officials shows two black women writing clearly on the wall.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said the pencil graffiti caused only minimal physical damage to the wall and that it was consulting with the district attorney‘s office whether to pursue criminal charges.

Last week, the school district superintendent addressed the incident.

“Sac City Unified takes no incident of racism lightly, and that’s why we widely share that another shameful act of racist graffiti has taken place in our schools,” the Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent said. , Jorge Aguliar. “As a community, we must loudly condemn this heinous act. Racist incidents will not be tolerated in our schools.”

Other Incidents

Sacramento City Unified continues to deal with race-related incidents. In February 2022, according to district leaders, a student wrote the word “colorful” above a water fountain at McClatchy High School.

In March 2022, SCUSD reported that two 14-year-old high school students were responsible for spray-painting racial slurs and images, including the ‘N-word’, ‘KKK’ and ‘ ‘swastikas’, on the campus of Abraham Lincoln Elementary. It happened in February, during the President’s Day weekend.

SCUSD is also still investigating after someone painted the “N-word” five times at West Campus High School in November 2021.

In another case, SCUSD suspended, with intent to fire, a middle school Spanish teacher who used the “N-word” in a class with 7th graders during a lecture. The incident happened at the Kit Carson International Academy in June 2021.

Watch more from ABC10: SCUSD says student was responsible for racist language written at McClatchy High School

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